At your behest, let me traverse your chest, hills and valleys

See I’m hoping that your sounds will carry

Echoing sentiments on your skin

Please let me in your mind?

Your man is texting…nevermind him

Pay attention to the longing, let it creep in

Putting arches in your body, let me seep in

Like a longing that’s been so long forgotten, an absence so nostalgic like Father’s Love and Mother’s Worry

I’ll play the part with your permission, no need to hurry

-Cesar (Follow on IG: @simply.cez)



The most comfortable prison is habit
where the walls and bars are made of our own reluctance
habitually falling into the rhythm of no substance
where we sing a tune and do a dance that we’ve had enough of
but guess what? we still dance just the same
habitually playing the game
games of politically correct, hive mentality, self defamation…it’s all the same
See I tell a brother “there’s more to you than this”, See I tell a sister “the media set up so you’ll rob yourself of your gifts”
but habit prevents changes
offering pennies for their thoughts just leaves me shortchanged


-Cesar (follow me on IG: @simply.cez)

Law of Attraction.

See I knew you were mine, wasn’t precognition

I already thought you were mine, then it came to fruition

Couldn’t let you waste away with a ute without vision

Saw a little of myself in you, well that’s recognition

These days…them treat love like prescription

Treat yourself a little then move on to the next one

But if you can’t love yourself, how you gon’ love a next one?

Can’t fool the law of attraction

-Cesar (follow me on IG: @simply.cez)

Side Thing

Full sized bed and your one night stand…that never ended
when “jut friends” turns synonymous with just pretending
I’ve become accustomed the the workout but you hoping it’ll workout

I’m not a fuckboy by choice, just a victim of circumstances
You not a fuckgirl by choice, just a victim of bad romances

So I’ll keep being the side thing (contentedly)